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Sustainability – Does nature have to end where the road starts?

Drive forward automotive sustainability.

Reducing CO2 emissions, meeting recycling targets and improving air quality are industry challenges we all are facing. Limited availability of fossil fuels and climate change call for more efficient cars and lower emissions. “We create chemistry for a sustainable future”  according to this purpose we develop chemistry that drives us from A to B with a cleaner footprint. 


Does nature have to end where the road starts? Explor our sustainable solutions for automotive.

BASF a strong partner for sustainable solutions:

  • Driven innovations in chemistry to improve the quality of life
  • Eco-efficient products and practices that result in long-term profitable performance
  • Lightweight plastic materials that improve the ecological impact
  • Fuel additives that reduce emissions
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Safe production for people and environment
  • Protecting the environment with our innovative automotive products and solutions

Besides BASF’s strong commitment to a sustainability strategy along the whole value chain we offer you sustainable automotive solutions:

Innovative single-component four-way conversion catalyst that removes multiple pollutants from gasoline engine exhaust.

FWCTM Catalyst

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