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To meet customers’ requirements, the automotive industry needs continuous innovations. We want you to get ahead with chemistry driven solutions for future mobility. Together we can shape mobility to be more sustainable, safer and more comfortable. Explore our portfolio and stories on industry trends.

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Whether your journey involves improving powertrains, lightweight construction, design, automated driving or ensuring a smooth ride - together we develop answers to current industry challenges.

Our portfolio for the automotive industry includes catalysts, coatings, plastics, automotive fluids and battery materials. With such an extensive range of products, BASF is the world’s leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry.


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To make the car more comfortable, quieter and also safer, we offer a wide range of products for car interiors.


We create modern and durable car exteriors that meet both - design and functionality requirements. 

Powertrain & Chassis

Our products for all kinds of powertrains and for chassis can improve engine performance while reducing energy consumption and offering an excellent drive experience. 


While ensuring a higher power output, our automotive electronic products meet the increased demand and growing volume of electrical wiring in cars. 

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Interior concepts

Looking for innovative interior concepts meeting both - design and performance? Visit our interior website to learn more. 


Interested in eMobility solutions? Visit our eMobility website and explore our portfolio to solve current challenges and make future mobility happen.


Do not want to compromise on dynamics, safety and comfort? Discover how we can develop NVH solutions together.


Creating a sustainable future? Visit our website to learn more about our solutions that help reducing CO2 emissions, meeting recycling targets and improving air quality.

Automated Driving

Working at the automated driving industry? Discover what you can expect from our automated driving expertise. 


Searching for customized materials? Explore how we can help you to meet your automotive requirements.

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