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To meet customers’ requirements, the automotive industry needs continuous innovations. We want you to get ahead with chemistry driven solutions for future mobility. Together we can shape mobility to be more sustainable, safer and more comfortable. Explore our portfolio and stories on industry trends.

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Whitepaper on flame retardant plastics: Discover our response to the challenging requirements of eMobility


The electric powertrain challenges plastics with new property requirements. The new powertrains demand a higher safety against electric malfunctions, which can cause the risk of an electric shock, the occurrence of electric arcs, and other potential sources of ignition. Special precautions have to be taken to increase electric vehicle safety and to prevent the ultimate worst-case scenario of a battery cell fire, a so-called thermal runaway. That is why flame-retardant polymer compounds should be considered as one of your choices for a safer electric powertrain.


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Whether your journey involves improving powertrains, lightweight construction, design, automated driving or ensuring a smooth ride - together we develop answers to current industry challenges.

Our portfolio for the automotive industry includes catalysts, coatings, plastics, automotive fluids and battery materials. With such an extensive range of products, BASF is the world’s leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry.

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