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NVH – When will we no longer compromise on dynamics, safety and comfort?

Drive forward solutions for noise vibration harshness.

Driver comfort is central to the overall passenger experience. Our solutions for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) improve the driving experience inside a vehicle while increasing comfort and safety. Customer solutions that make cars quieter by reducing structure- and air-born noise are at the center of our broad NVH product portfolio.  

What about the combination of dynamics, safety and comfort? Explore our Automotive NVH solutions.

What you can expect from us as strong partner for NVH solutions:

  • Proven experience and comprehensive knowledge
  • A unique portfolio for the application specific customer choice 
  • Customizing solutions and innovation power
  • Proved material performance
  • Optimizing customer processes

We offer both - solutions to reduce air-borne noise as well as structure-born noise. Explore our virtual car for your NVH applications:

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Solutions for NVH:

BASF products can ideally fulfill the rising demand for soundproofing in car construction. The lightweight Basotect® foam is used for sound insulation in the engine hood cover because of its outstanding acoustic performance, high heat resistance, high fire safety, favorable fogging behavior and chemical resistance.

Elastic foams made with Elastoflex® protect against the heat and noise of the engine compartment. They are resistant to high temperatures and reduce unpleasant vibrations.

Soundproofing Basotect – Silence under the hood

Passenger comfort and driving dynamics play a crucial role in the success of a car. BASF products for the chassis offer maximum driving comfort, sportiness and safety. With Cellasto® damping systems, noise and vibration are effectively reduced, helping improve the overall consumer experience inside a vehicle’s cabin.

Cellasto® damping systems: Chassis – safe and smooth running

With its open cell flexible foam, Elastofoam®  provides an excellent sound absorbation.

It is combinable with different surface materials, but it is also thermoformable, flame and heat resistant.

Engine cover Elastoflex – lightest engine cover solution on the market

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