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What a cool sled!

Read Santa's driving report and get inspired for new vehicle concepts


This year, BASF has created a completely new type of concept car with the car manufacturer Citroën; the all-electric car oli [all-ë]. Santa Claus also did the honors at the vehicle presentation - always on the lookout for ways to optimize his stressful pre-Christmas season. After his test drive, we were allowed to interview Santa exclusively. If you want to explore further the world of oli, click here 

Santa, what is your first impression of oli?

Well, of course, it's not the same as when I'm out with my reindeers. But honestly, I must rethink mobility as well. The sustainability aspects of the vehicle are already very convincing.

Which ones?

Well, if we really want to become more sustainable, we simply have to say goodbye to some ways of thinking and some exaggerated demands - even I, as a man of the good old traditions. Citroën’s oli is showing that less is more and maybe all of the bells and whistles on my sled are not needed. So, no gold-plated runners if you know what I mean. I'm not sure if my reindeers can keep up with the advantages of oli.

Let’s talk about this a bit more. With your reindeers you are a logistically well-coordinated team. After all, you have a job to do. Can that work with such a novel vehicle?

Look at this super sturdy trunk made of Elastoflex® and Elastocoat® that can easily hold a full load of presents. The roof and trunk are made of the same BASF material, which is, in contrast to multilayered metal, super light. Lighter means smaller battery, more affordable. Aren't these powerful arguments? Do you have any idea what I spend on reindeer food every year?


But doesn't that lose all the Christmas magic?

Not at all! Have you seen the colours - this red inside and this BASF paint with mica particles outside? They told me that the body was painted with the latest generation of waterborne coatings. AGILIS® by BASF’s premium refinish brand R-M®. It is one of the most eco-friendly automotive refinish coatings in the market. When premium is understood in this way, I am in. In the interior - for example on this floor made of Infinergy® E-TPU - they used the waterborne coating NovaCoat-P for flexible substrates that provides additional protection against abrasion, UV, chemicals and dirt. 


And what about comfort? Without offending you: You're not the youngest anymore. How does it feel to sit on a 3D-printed seat?

Super comfortable! And I can manage without electric seat ventilation, despite my outfit. All because of the open lattice structure made of TPU materials (Ultrasint® TPU88A) BASF explained. And it reassures me that the seat is coated with

Ultracur3D® Coat F that is elastic and can withstand all stresses. Let me tell you an insider`s secret: The jounce bumpers are made of Cellasto® which improves driving comfort by reducing NVH on rough road surfaces, and while braking. That is exactly what I need in these busy times.

Ok, so what is your final assessment then?

You can also have a joyful ride with a sustainable vehicle that focuses on simplicity. And when I say that it means something: I am an expert on cheerfulness and frankly - in all modesty - also on aesthetics. At least for Christmas matters. So, all I can say is congratulations to Citroën and BASF. Continue co-creating!

I learned that there are so many more BASF products that make sustainable mobility possible. For example the GLYSANTIN® G22® ELECTRIFIED®  which enables a cool eMobility. BASF’s broad battery materials portfolio includes advanced cathode active materials and high-performance anode binders for lithium-ion batteries. I am really looking forward to the sleds of the future. Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Santa! It was a pleasure talking to you. All the best for the time ahead!

After the interview, Santa told us that he is looking forward to seeing ideas from the concept on the market. Until then, he will name one of his reindeers oli.