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Applications for powertrain & chassis  

Our products for powertrain and chassis can improve engine performance while reducing fuel consumption and offering an excellent drive experience mixing sportiness with safety. Our products also allow the optimal design of critical components and ensure long-term protection against corrosion and deposits. The air we breathe is kept cleaner by removing pollutants and particle matters, while the driving range for electric cars is extended by reducing curb weight.

Additive component for engine oils – gain the power to save in fuel

Additive component for engine oils – gain the power to save in fuel

Wouldn’t it be nice to boost horsepower, acceleration and fuel economy at the same time, together with an alternative approach to engine oil additives? Just add BASF's innovative additive component IRGALUBE® FE1 to the engine oil's formulation and gain the power to save on fuel.

Soundproofing Basotect – Silence under the hood

Soundproofing – silence under the hood

BASF products can ideally fulfill the rising demand for soundproofing in car construction. The lightweight Basotect® (MF) foam is used for sound insulation in the engine hood cover because of its outstanding acoustic performance, high heat resistance, high fire safety, favorable fogging behavior and chemical resistance.

Elastic foams made with Elastoflex® (PU) protect against the heat and noise of the engine compartment. They are resistant to high temperatures and reduce unpleasant vibrations.

Lubricants – gearing up

Lubricants – gearing up

Compared to typical petroleum gear oils, BASF’s gear lubricants are designed for extended drain service and improved wear protection. Our Emgard® gear oil contains additives to withstand extreme pressure, along with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to protect gears and bearings. This results in longer gear life under a wide variety of conditions by providing high film strength and superior low temperature performance.

Oil circuit – keeping the pistons strong

Oil circuit – keeping the pistons strong

For car parts in contact with oil, the requirements are very high. BASF’s Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6), Ultrason® (PSU, PESU, PPSU) and Ultradur® (PBT) engineering plastics have proven suitability in several applications. Thanks to their high heat standards, good oil resistance and excellent mechanical strength, these high-performance plastics can be used for oil control pistons. These materials also withstand very high long-term service temperatures and show an outstanding hydrolysis resistance.

Fuel additives – protecting and cleaning the fuel system

Fuel additives – protecting and cleaning the fuel system

KEROPUR® performance packages help keeping engines clean and protect the entire fuel system. BASF’s portfolio includes gasoline and diesel performance packages for maximum engine cleanliness, better fuel economy, lower emissions and optimal driving experience.

Fuel circuit – stable enough for biodiesel

Fuel circuit – stable enough for biodiesel

For tank applications in contact with gasoline or diesel, plastics like Ultraform® (POM) have to be chemically resistant. A fuel filter made of Ultraform® (POM), for example, creates a plastic that is very high fuel and long-term heat resistant while maintaining good electrical insulation properties. BASF also offers an Ultraform® (POM) type that is significantly more stable in biodiesel than competitive materials.

From the charging column to the cable and the plug, from the wiring to the battery inside the car – we create materials and technologies for future powertrain concepts.

eMobility – driving forward electric vehicles

Almost every aspect of eMobility is impacted by chemistry starting with the cathode and anode materials and electrolytes needed to optimize battery performance.

Our diverse portfolio of performance materials that includes engineering plastics, epoxy systems and polyurethanes can be used to create a variety of high quality and sustainable components including battery pack housings, cell frames, cables, connectors and charging stations.

Glysantin Coolants – cooling the engine

Coolants – cooling the engine

Glysantin® – the original engine coolant from BASF – has been Europe’s best selling premium-grade coolant since introduced in 1929. Glysantin® is the No. 1 coolant thanks to its unique triple action that protects engines from damage by corrosion, frost and overheating. BASF works in close cooperation with leading OEMs to develop the best coolant for each vehicle. Glysantin® has been officially approved for many years.

Cellasto® damping systems: Chassis – safe and smooth running

Chassis – safe and smooth running

Passenger comfort and driving dynamics play a crucial role in the success of a car. BASF products for the chassis offer maximum driving comfort, sportiness and safety. With Cellasto® (PU) damping systems, noise and vibration are effectively reduced, helping improve the overall consumer experience inside a vehicle’s cabin.

Catalytic converter – cleaning the air

Catalytic converter – cleaning the air

As the global leader in catalysis, BASF has unsurpassed expertise in developing innovative emission control technologies for a wide range of applications to enable clean air for a healthier, more sustainable future. New engine technologies, tightening emission regulations and fluctuating precious metals prices create emissions control challenges. We help make our customers more successful with innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the toughest emissions control regulations.

Our innovative mobile emissions catalysts provide solutions for light duty vehicles, heavy duty diesel on-road and non-road, natural gas vehicles as well as motorcycles and utility engines.

BASF’s broad battery materials portfolio includes advanced cathode active materials and high-performance anode binders for lithium-ion batteries.

Battery materials – powering today's electric vehicles

BASF’s broad battery materials portfolio includes advanced cathode active materials and high-performance anode binders for lithium-ion batteries. Cathode materials cover Nickel Cobalt Aluminum (NCA) oxides and Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) oxides, which play a key role in determining battery performance, energy density, service life and safety. Our anode binder series is suitable for pure graphite as well as silicon-containing anodes and enables higher capacity, increased number of charge / discharge cycles and reduced charging times. Our global research set-up and global battery materials business enable us to provide a broad expertise to our customers in the development of new battery materials. BASF is committed to serving the lithium-ion battery industry with materials, innovations and technologies that can bring battery performance of end applications such as full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to the next level.

Air filter – sealing the air filters

Air filter – sealing the air filters

BASF products help make air filters heat-resistant and feature a good relation of stiffness and toughness. They can be fitted precisely and sealed in place both perfectly and reliably so they can easily fulfill their crucial role in a vehicle’s design.

The plastic Elastofoam® I (PU) material can be used for radial air filters with its foamed edge to secure filters properly in place. Air filter housings made with Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6) are heat resistant and remain rigid in high-temperature environments. Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6) housings can easily withstand temperatures of up to 120°C in the engine compartment.

Engine cover Elastoflex – lightest engine cover solution on the market

Engine cover – lightest engine cover solution on the market

With its open cell flexible foam, Elastofoam® (PU) provides an excellent sound absorbation.

It is combinable with different surface materials, but it is also thermoformable, flame and heat resistant.

The polyamide Ultramid® is convincing thanks to its extensive profile: good thermal and chemical resistance, dynamic strength, toughness and good long-term service properties.

Fuel cell – long term toughness

The polyamide Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6) is convincing thanks to its extensive profile: good thermal and chemical resistance, dynamic strength, toughness and good long-term service properties.

With Ultramid® A3EG7 EQ (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6), a material is available that is ideally suited for sensitive applications in the electrical industry due to its special purity requirements.

Hydraulan® brake fluid – brake fluids with built-in safety features

Brake fluid – brake fluids with built-in safety features

Hydraulan® brake fluids provide maximum braking safety. As a result of numerous fleet tests in conjunction with the automotive industry, brake fluids from BASF stand for safety and top-class performance for the highest operating requirements.