Automotive & Transportation

Applications for electronics  

Our automotive electronic products meet the increased demand and growing volume of electrical wiring in cars. The products ensure higher power output and lower emissions while still meeting lightweight design and reliability demands.

Electronic control unit – improving the electronic control unit

Electronic control unit – improving the electronic control unit

With engineering plastics like Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6) and  Ultradur® (PBT), a transmission’s electronic control unit can be improved, allowing for smoother gear changes, no interruption in power, and a better fuel economy.

Cable system and tubing – perfectly reliable

Cable system – perfectly reliable

“Safety first” is BASF’s motto when it comes to anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability programs and electronic cables. The thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Elastollan® (TPU) for cable sheatings e.g. for sensors and 360° review cameras and the soft integral foam Elastofoam® I (PU) for cable harnesses ensure smooth data flows – even under extreme conditions.


EMI-shielding – shield it smartly

EMI-shielding – shield it smartly

BASF provides a cost efficient alternative in comparison to aluminum die-cast. Electromagnetic shielding (EMI-shielding) made of flame-retardant Ultramid® (PA6, PA66, PA66/6, PA610, PA6T/6) with a thin metal layer allows automotive manufacturers to save weight and installation space at the same time.

Sensor housing solutions – robust housing

Sensor housing solutions – robust housing

For senor applications, Ultradur® HR (PBT) has established itself as a robust and versatile housing material. 

It is used for sensors for the automated driving.

Cable system and tubing – perfectly reliable

Tubing – protecting tubing solutions

Electrical insulation tubes made of Elastollan® (TPU) are an excellent barrier from the elements while binding cables and insulating them.

Connectors & plugs – electric safety made simple

Connectors & plugs – electric safety made simple

Ultradur® (PBT) for high voltage applications. The material provides highest electrical insulation while offering non-halogenated flame retardancy.


Decoupling mounts - provide superior vibration protection for infotainment system displays.

As a durable, quiet support system, Cellasto® enhances the utility and appearance of head-up displays and entertainment system interfaces.