Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Sustainable Solution Steering®

We focus on a sustainable product portfolio.

It is our commitment at BASF Fuel and Lubricant Solutions to continuously assess and enhance the sustainability performance of our product portfolio with strong emphasis on contributing to specific regional and value chain needs. For this, we apply BASF's Sustainable Solutions Steering® method.
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With our Sustainable Solutions Steering we ...

... increase our portfolio of innovative and sustainable solutions, making customers more successful

... reduce environmental impact along the value chain, contributing to improved quality of life

... drive a better mitigation of risks associated with sustainability

We identify key drivers and issues in our customers’ industries and we are able to assess the sustainability contribution of each of our products in its specific application. This, amongst others, includes: 

  • Potential cost savings for customers through the use of our products
  • Ensuring standards are met, developing environmentally sound solutions
  • Enhancing safety in production, use or end-of-life, stakeholder perception of solutions

Each solution is assigned to one of four categories (Accelerator, Performer, Transitioner, Challenged) according to its contribution to sustainability.

Implications – BASF Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Building on the implication of Sustainable Solutions Steering®, BASF Fuel and Lubricant Solutions is involving experts worldwide, e.g., Product Safety & Regulatory, Technical and Strategic Marketing, Sustainability in annual portfolio reviews. We are already providing – and continuously expanding -  

a robust choice of Accelerator solutions across the entire portfolio. Beyond that, we are offering our customers a variety of engagement opportunities and sustainability services. 

Curious how we create chemistry for new perspectives for a sustainable future with our solutions?  

Ask us about our Sustainability Performance literature!