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Biomass Balanced Polyalkylene Glycols

Polyalkylene glycols (PAG base stocks) derived from 100% renewable feedstock making a contribution to CO2 savings

BREOX® BMBcert series is a product family based on biomass balance approach and the first Polyalkylene glycol lubricant basestocks derived from 100% renewable feedstock and delivering significant CO2 savings. The BREOX® BMBcert series thus contribute to sustainable development by saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This unique solution enables customers to differentiate their products from competition and helps towards achieving their sustainability goals. All of that without compromising on performance and quality. By purchasing our BREOX® BMBcert portfolio, customers have a direct impact to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.

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BREOX® BMBcert™  
CO2 savings for a sustainable future

Reduction of product carbon footprint  
kg CO2 equivalents/kg product


We are heading towards
a sustainable future



In the 21st century, sustainability has become a worldwide megatrend

Modern life is great. But it is also taking a heavy toll on our planet.
If we want to keep nature intact,we need to be more efficient with our resources.
That is why the concept of sustainability has become a megatrend – 
in politics as well as in business sectors as diverse as the chemical industry.


Driven by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil resources,
BASF offers the opportunity to introduce renewable feedstocks in existing production pathways via
biomass balance approach and help achieving ambitious CO2 targets.




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