Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Refinery Additives for Middle Distillates

Customized Innovation - Reliable Performance

Increasing worldwide demand for diesel, more stringent environmental legislation for transportation fuels and changing fossil energy resources: Refiners are facing a lot of challenges - BASF's Refinery Additives offer a wide range of solutions, covering flow improvement, property enhancement and stabilization.

Comprehensive know-how in middle distillate treatment

From cold flow improvers, assuring the operability of diesel fuels even at cold temperatures, and lubricity additives preventing wear in diesel distribution pumps to static dissipaters providing a minimum conductivity in low sulfur fuels: BASF's Refinery Additives provide solutions to many problems of modern fuel production.

Backward integration and global distribution network

With a worldwide distribution network and backward-integration into key raw material, BASF's Refinery Additives offer maximum supply chain reliability. A global network of technical service centers provides optimal support by a committed team helping our customers to be more successful. Steady product improvement assures best product performance in a fast changing environment.

Our levers for performance


  • Over 80 years experience in cold-flow technology
  • Customized products and formulations
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Technical service
  • Supply security


Flow Improvement

  • KEROFLUX® Custom-made flow improvers, wax antisettling additives

Property Enhancement

  • KEROKORR® Lubricity additive for diesel fuels
  • KEROSTAT® Antistatic for crude oil distillates
  • KEROBRISOL® Cetane number improver
  • KEROFINE® H2S-Scavenger


  • KEROBIT® Antioxidants for middle distillates
  • KEROMET® Metal deactivator for crude oil distillates
  • KEROPON® Multifunctional stability improver for fuels

Your strong reliable partner for the fuel industry

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High performance cold flow improvers

Cold temperature can be a serious threat to the trouble-free use of middle distillates. BASF's KEROFLUX® series offers tailor-made solutions to improve the low temperature performance of diesel, heating oils and marine distillate fuels helping to ensure the continued operation of equipment when temperature drops.

Middle Distillate Flow Improvers (MDFIs)

MDFIs enhance the basic cold flow properties like CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) and PP (Pour Point) of diesel, heating oil and marine distillate fuels. MDFIs are low-molecular weight olefin copolymers in organic solvents. The copolymers have a hydrocarbon backbone, allowing co-crystallization with the n-paraffins, and polar side chains which block further crystal growth.

Wax Anti Settling Additives (WASA)

WASAs reduce settling of n-paraffins during storage at low temperatures. WASAs are always used in combination with MDFIs and often also improve the efficiency of an MDFI leading in reduced overall additive costs.

Wax Anti Settling Flow Improvers (WAFIs)

WAFIs are finished formulations of MDFI and WASA. They are an optimal solution for customers with limited number of additive tanks and/or injection equipment.

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Lubricity Additives

Diesel fuels with sulfur levels below 500ppm may exhibit insufficient lubricating properties, causing increased wear and injection pump failures. KEROKORR LA® lubricity additives improve the lubricity of low and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.


KEROSTAT® antistatics (metal-free) increase electrical conductivity of fuels. They can be used in storage tanks, pipelines and during switch-loading to improve safety when handling flammable liquids.

Cetane Number Improvers

KEROBRISOL® cetane number improvers improve the combustion of diesel fuel. The treat rate depends on the cetane number of the unadditized fuel and the cetane number increase to be achieved.


KEROFINE® H2S scavengers irreversibly reduce the H2S-content in liquid fuels to a level that allows safe handling and transportation.

Antioxidants for Middle Distillates

KEROBIT® grades increase the oxidation stability of liquid fuels. Specially adjusted grades to improve the stability of biodiesel (e.g., FAME: fatty acid methyl esters) are also available.

Metal Deactivators

KEROMET® metal deactivators are used to bind traces of metals in fuels and prevent fuel oxidation, polymerization reactions and gum formation.

Multifunctional Stability Improvers

KEROPON® stability improvers prevent gum formation, sedimentation and discoloration in diesel fuels containing unstable components.

Learn more about BASF’s comprehensive expertise along the oil value chain of the conversion of crude oil into fuels with high performance characteristics.