Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

EMGARD® Transportation Lubricants

BASF's Fuel and Lubricant Solutions is a market leader for sustainable high-performance driveline lubricants in selected transportation markets. With our leading progressive technologies for  EMGARD® transmission and gear lubricants, we establish industry standards for high performance and sustainable lubricants through joint customer developments providing maximum value to all market participants.

30 times around the world



without changing the axle and transmission oil



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In actual field use, our products have protected trucks for over 1.6 million miles without a lubricant change. The advantage for the automotive industry and consumers: BASF Transmission and Axle Lubricants enable warranties up to 750,000 miles with oil changes at 500,000 miles. 

Features of EMGARD® transmission lubricants:

  • OEM approvals

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

  • Temperature Range using High Viscosity Index Base Stocks

  • Extended Oil Drain Capability (up to 750,000 miles)

  • Oil Sump Temperature Reduction

  • Synchronizer Capability and Seal Compatibility

  • Excellent Protection for Gears and Bearings using Advanced Additives

  • Low Foaming

Features of EMGARD® axle lubricants:

  • OEM approvals

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

  • Wide Temperature Range using High Viscosity Index Base Stocks

  • Extended Oil Drain Capability (up to 500,000 miles)

  • Excellent Protection for Gears and Bearings using Advanced Additives

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EMGARD® Driveline Lubricant Solutions for Commercial Vehicle Trucks and Automotive

Factory Fill - Service Market - Passenger Cars - SUVs - Trucks - eMobility Applications 

Premium Solution Benefits  


Fuel Economy

  • Designed specifically for improved efficiency. 
  • Achieving >1% fuel economy improvement.


Less Maintenance

  • Extended oil drain intervals up to 750.000 miles (fill for life) reduces overall maintenance costs and down-time.


Extreme Temperatures

  • Outstanding performance in extreme cold and hot temperatures.
  • Enhanced cold start performance.
  • Maintains viscosity over expanded temperature range.
  • Oxidation resistance during high temperature demanding applications


Increased Component Durability

  • Component protection against scuffing, pitting and wear.


Material Compatability

  • Optimized frictional performance.

Environmentally Conscious

  • Less oil waste with extended maintenance. 
  • Improved fuel economy produces less COin the environment.
Enabling OEM Technology  


Single Lubricant Solution

  • Simplicity of using a single lubricant for the entire system. 
  • Enables lower lubricant volumes.


Forced Lubricant Systems

  • New lubrication technologies provide lubricant when and where it is needed.


Heat Management

  • Premium fluids provide enhanced thermal performance for lower stopping distances.


Proven Technology

  • Over 10 billion miles in demanding applications.


OEM Factory Fill

  • Enables longer warranties.

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