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KEROPUR® Fuel Performance Solutions

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BASF is a leading supplier of fuel performance packages worldwide. KEROPUR® multifunctional fuel performance packages help keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system. The portfolio includes gasoline and diesel performance packages for maximum engine cleanliness, better fuel economy, lower emissions and optimal driving experience.

BASF's long-standing expertise and individual high-performance gasoline and diesel additives provide differentiation and enable the development of efficient fuels to exceed legal market requirements.

Differentiation Formula

  • Enable a variety of marketing claims
  • Support marketing campaigns
  • Make fuel different from any other fuel

Premium Performance

  • Make fuel more efficient
  • Meet market and legal requirements
  • Ensure a good driving behavior

Reduced Maintenance

  • Prolong engine life
  • Keep intake system clean
  • Work in all injection systems

Increased Fuel Economy

  • Enable fuel economy claims
  • Provide state-of-the-art fuel economy solutions
  • Support marketing campaigns

 Better Drivability

  • Improve start-up behavior
  • Reduce engine noise
  • Unfold full engine power

Environmental Contribution

  • Help to reduce emissions and fuel consumption

Cost Effective and Customized Formulations

With our long and outstanding history as a global fuel performance packages supplier, we have the capability to offer you highly effective formulations to optimize your treat cost. We provide you with tailor-made performance packages that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Fuel Economy Solutions

BASF is not only the leading supplier for fuel performance packages, but also offers innovative fuel economy solutions. Fuel economy is one of the most important criteria of today’s car drivers. We provide you with qualified fuel economy data as support for your marketing claim.

Technical Support and In-House-Expertise

We are striving to help you to be even more successful. We have the capability to meet your technical requirements and to support your particular marketing ideas. In our regional test centers in Europe, Asia and in the US, we perform a variety of tests, whether it is with conventional or cutting-edge engine technologies.

Global Presence and Supply Security

Delivery reliability is one of our core competencies. With our backintegration in the key raw materials and an extensive global supply chain network as well as staff in more than 170 countries, you will be served in time wherever you are.

Know-how Advantage and Consulting

One characteristic of BASF is our know-how advantage supported by our industry experts and by the BASF Verbund. Integration of production and science enables an exchange of know-how and expertise much beyond the scope of the chemical product itself. In this context, we address up-to-date topics such as eco-effi ciency analyses for a better environment, give advice on REACH, and offer other consulting services according to your needs.

Innovation for the Future

BASF cares not only for today’s but also for your future needs. Our extensive know-how is sought after by customers as well as by scientists around the world.

When it comes to fuel, relax. Wherever you are, whatever you need, whenever you need it. BASF is there for you. This is the core message which underlines our position as a problem solver in all matters concerning fuel.

Modern engines require a high fuel quality. KEROPUR® performance packages are designed to perform not only in conventional engines but also in modern powertrain technologies such as direct injected engines (DISI), downsized / turbo charged engines, flex fuel engines and hybrids. Our expertise enables continuous product development to go along with the development of new engine technologies.

KEROPUR® gasoline performance packages protect the intake system of engines by forming a fluid protective film and thus preventing the formation of deposits ("keep clean effect"). This applies for both Port Fuel Injection and Direct Injection Spark Ignition engines. The cleaner engine system results in better performance, improved combustion and a longer engine life


Approximately 10 % of the energy released by the combustion of the gasoline is lost due to internal friction in the engine. KEROPUR® gasoline performance packages can be formulated with very effective friction modifiers minimizing friction between the piston rings and the cylinder wall, which results in an instantaneous fuel economy benefit.



KEROPUR® gasoline performance packages contain a very effective corrosion inhibitor to protect metallic parts from rust formation along the entire supply chain.

BASF's KEROPUR® DP 5000 Series with its innovative and highly efficient deposit control additive technology:

  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness in all types of diesel engines (direct and indirect injection engines)
  • Is offered in highly customized packages to meet all your requirements at optimized treat costs
  • Is established in the market and approved by fuel marketers and OEMs
  • Enables a variety of marketing claims and support your individual marketing campaign
  • Make your fuel different from any other fuel

Smooth running engines with full power and quick acceleration - BASF’s Keropur® DP diesel additives enable engines to perform in peak condition throughout its entire service life for an optimal driving experience.

  • Provides excellent performance in all diesel engine types
  • Removes and prevents engine deposits very efficiently
  • Helps to restore full engine power and prevent loss of power
  • Significantly enhances engine operability
  • Improves engine start-up behavior


Due to the unique chemistry of BASF's deposit control additive, KEROPUR® DP enables engines to work more efficiently which can lead to lower fuel consumption and emission reductions. Strong expertise in chemistry and fuel economy testing makes BASF your preferred partner for fuel economy solutions.

A reliable fuel economy protocol is prerequisite to market fuel economy claims and based on:

  • Well-recognized labs 
  • Standard emission cycles 
  • Selected cars reflecting regional fleet
  • High statistical confidence level   

BASF offers customized fuel economy solutions to support your claims.




KEROPUR® DP significantly improves the stability of biodiesel blends (DIN EN 15751 / Rancimat Test):

  • Higher rancimat time indicates the improved fuel stability


KEROPUR® DP 5000 stabilizes fuels and prevents fuel filter plugging:

  • Fuel aged according to ASTM D2274 modified test (16h, 115 ºC) and filtrated
  • Without KEROPUR® DP, sticky gums are formed blocking the filter
  • KEROPUR® DP fully prevents the formation of sticky gums and filter plugging

Prime Performance Aftermarket Solutions

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