Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Coolants for Innovative Technologies

With the addition of electric vehicles (EV) and their powertain technologies to the global fleet, high performance coolant chemistry will require specific adaptions. Especially the complexity of thermal management has increased due to varying requirements of the powertrain elements in battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV), hybrid technologies (FHEV & PHEV) as well as the still improving internal combustion engines (ICE). Being a committed development partner to the industry, BASF is specifically addressing and helping to enable these developments through its coolants for innovative technologies. 


  • Long term protection to automotive engines against corrosion, overheating and frost​
  •  Minimized loss of energy​
  • Support modern low to zero emission engine technologies


BASF has developed a coolant especially for fuel cells to support the current advancements in fuel cell technologies. GLYSANTIN® FC G20 Ready Mix provides the renowned triple protection against corrosion, overheating and frost while also delivering extremely low electrical conductivity. Therefore, it can be used with ion exchange resins in the fuel cell cooling system. Compared to non-inhibited glycol water mixtures the product continually maintains a low electrical conductivity, and by doing so, secures the electrical safety of the system and reduces loss of energy.


In order to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions of combustion engines,  smaller, lighter and hotter engines are being developed. New construction materials are being used in the manufacture of the engine cooling system. Other drivers are legislative requirements (e.g., REACH) regarding the components used in the final product. As a result, problems are observed in modern engine coolant systems, e.g., deposits, reduced functionality of the heat exchanger and increased corrosion. This requires new breakthrough technologies when it comes to future engine coolant solutions. GLYSANTIN® G64® and GLYSANTIN® G65® not only exceed all technical requirements and fulfill the demanding legislative requirements but also sets a new benchmark for the sustainable protection of modern engines.

Beyond that, and while many of its current coolants products are already successfully used in electric vehicles, BASF is developing a dedicated product family for EV applications to meet all necessary requirements in safety, performance, and lifetime of the associated powertrain technologies.