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Polymethacrylate-based Pour Point Depressants and Viscosity Index Improvers for high quality lubricants meeting industry and OEM specifications





IRGAFLO® Pour Point Depressants

are engineered to provide cost effective solutions to your low temperature viscometric requirements.



Typical Applications

PPDs are used almost in every application in which Group I-III oils are used

  • Low temperature applications
  • Driveline oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Engine oils

Key Features & Benefits

What properties can IRGAFLO® Pour Point Depressants offer for high performance industrial lubricants?

Performance features

  • Variety of PPDs depending on your needs
  • Cost-effective PMA-technology
  • Highly efficient at treat rates (0.1–0.3%)
  • Broad portfolio to meet industry specs
  • Compatibility with IRGAFLO® VIIs
  • Lab support for optimized performance

Sustainability features

  • Good regulatory profile
  • Decreases fluid viscosity at low temperatures
  • Can help to reduce formulation cost
  • Significant renewable content (up to 52%)

Lubricants need to flow in order to function but are susceptible to forming gels at low temperature

  • Crankcase: Widespread engine failures over the winter of 1980-81 and 1981-82
  • Gear and axle lubricants: channeling leading to other failures
  • Hydraulic systems: lubricant starvation of pumps and bearings – cavitation and ultimately failures

  • Long side chains on PPD backbone interact with wax crystals as they form
  • Change direction of crystal growth: Plates  – Needles  – Cubes
  • Three-dimensional network of wax crystals does not form, allowing oil to flow

IRGAFLO® 710 P, 942 P are best performers in example high viscosity base oil

IRGAFLO® 610 P is best performer in example Group III base oil

Best IRGAFLO® performance can be idiosyncratic; depends on exact formulation

  • Base stock mix, viscosity modifier, other additives all matter






IRGAFLO® Viscosity Index Improvers

offer superior thickening efficiency at very low treat rates.



Typical Applications

  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Specialty hydraulic fluids
  • Engine oils
  • Automotive driveline 
    (MTF, gear and axle fluids)

Key Features & Benefits

What properties can IRGAFLO® Viscosity Index Improvers offer for high performance industrial lubricants?

Performance features

  • IRGAFLO® VIIs target a range of shear stability and thickening needs, suitable for applications such as engine oil or multi-grade hydraulic fluids
  • Performance benefits:
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Increased equipment power
  • Improved “cold-start” performance
  • Effective in most base stocks
  • Broad portfolio to meet shear stability requirements

Sustainability features

  • Good regulatory profile
  • Delivers performance at extreme temperatures
  • Allows for greater pump efficiency
  • Significant renewable content (up to 45%)

  • Multigrade fluids offer flexibility, ease of use (no more changing oil for the winter)
  • Can achieve energy efficiency without compromising equipment protection
  • Reach a desired kinematic viscosity with cheaper low viscosity base stocks





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