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Anti-wear / Extreme Pressure Additives

At A Glance

IRGALUBE® anti-wear and extreme pressure additives provide long term lubricant stability together with excellent anti-wear and corrosion prevention while protecting industrial and mobile equipment operating at high pressure and temperature. 

Our IRGALUBE® range is ashless, helping the customer to formulate lubricants for more environmentally sensitive applications. Our portfolio consists of a broad range of phosphorothionates, dialkyldiothiophospates and amine neutralized phosphates. They are hydrolytically stable and provide excellent compatibility with systems contaminants such as water, calcium and zinc.

Typical Applications

  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Compressor oils
  • Industrial turbine lubricants
  • Transmission lubricants
  • Gear oils
  • E-Mobility fluids
  • Marine lubricants
  • Greases
  • Chain lubricants
  • Engine oils
Typical applications with anti-wear extreme pressure additives


Key Features & Benefits

What properties can our IRGALUBE® Anti-Wear / Extreme Pressure Additives offer for high performance lubricants?

Performance features

  • Provide excellent anti-wear activity at low concentrations, helping protect equipment and increase the lifetime of the lubricant
  • Very effective at boosting FZG performance
  • Good compatibility with ZnDTP and calcium detergents
  • No antagonism against ferrous and yellow metal protection

Sustainability features

  • Equipment protection for increased lifetime
  • Increased lubricant durability for expanded drain interval reduces waste and maintenance costs
  • Portfolio includes LuSC (EEL) listed products that can be formulated for environmentally sensitive applications


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