Fuel and Lubricant Solutions


Horsepower, acceleration, and fuel economy are key features that define the driving experience. Because they are so important, engine oil formulators, vehicle manufacturers, and even drivers continuously look to improve and optimize these three factors. Wouldn’t it be nice to boost all three simultaneously in a cost-effective and easy-to-use approach?

Our solution is simple: BASF's IRGALUBE® FE1! Just add this innovative additive component to your engine oil with a single top-treat – and your vehicle will gain the power to save on fuel.

Additive Component for High Performance Engine Oils

Gain the Power to Save on Fuel

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions (CO2)
  • Improved engine performance (acceleration)
  • Synergistic effects with ZDDP

The effect has been observed in heavy-duty vehicles, passenger cars and race cars.


Maximized Driving Experience


Simple Addition Unlocks Significant Benefits

BASF has extensive vehicle test capabilities and works with different 3rd party labs for additional evaluations. In selected applications such as heavy-duty, BASF and its partners jointly run long-term fleet tests to optimize performance parameters of the target application.

Translating Fuel Efficiency into Savings

Testing Fuel Economy, Horsepower and Acceleration

Benefits Unlocked: Heavy-Duty

Benefits Unlocked: Heavy-Duty

Benefits Unlocked: Passenger Cars

Benefits Unlocked: Racing


Why IRGALUBE® is the right choice for you:


Fuel Economy. Horsepower. Acceleration. All important to maximize the driving experience. And all harmed by the friction inside an engine.

Lower engine oil viscosity is one approach to improve driving features. But not all engines can handle lower viscosity oil. Downsizing the engine is another approach to improve fuel economy. But downsizing can take away the driver’s sensation of vehicle acceleration and that is no fun.

Conventional organic friction modifiers address the inherent metal on metal friction inside the engine. But these additive technologies reach a limit on performance. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain extra fuel economy, horsepower and acceleration together with an alternative approach to engine oil additives?

IRGALUBE® is a liquid, ashless oil additive that works in internal combustion engines to maximize these driving features in real vehicles.


Passing industry oil specifications is required to enter the race but performance differentiation is what really wins it. Consumers and car manufacturers demand the best. Horsepower, acceleration and especially fuel economy are all critical features considered in the purchase of a new vehicle.

OEMs test vehicles on chassis dynamometers to quantify fuel economy, horsepower and acceleration. Internal combustion creates wide temperature ranges and many modes of shear. Friction bench tests in the laboratory do not correlate with real fuel economy.

So if you are going to sell OEMs on the performance differentiation of your oil, shouldn't you use the same approach to testing as OEMs use?

We tested our additive in many vehicles on chassis dynamometers using the preferred drive cycles of our customers. IRGALUBE® FE1 showed more than twice the fuel economy improvement compared to a conventional organic friction modifier. IRGALUBE® FE1 also increased acceleration up to 1.4% and improved horsepower by 1.8%. Why not take the simple approach to maximize fuel economy, horsepower and acceleration? Just add IRGALUBE® FE1 to your formulations. Then you have more time to formulate all the other performance benefits that OEMs demand.


Engines are expensive and deserve protection. Antiwear chemistry coats the engine's metal surface, but that additive shield comes with a cost. A suit of armor offers protection, but it also slows you down.

ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) is the standard antiwear additive in almost every motor oil. Racing oils contain even more. So it is ironic that fuel economy, horsepower and acceleration are all reduced by higher friction because of the antiwear film coating the metal inside your engine.

Conventional organic friction modifiers are supposed to work on metal surfaces, too. These reduce metal on metal friction while ZDDP prevents metal on metal wear. That means there could be competition for the metal surface.

Instead of competing against ZDDP, you need a new type of additive that interacts with it synergistically. Additives of the IRGALUBE® FE series provide exactly those solutions, significantly improving horsepower and acceleration. The same mechanism also provides a real fuel economy benefit. And field trials indicate no increase in engine wear.