Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

 Polyalkylene Glycols (PAGs)

Polyalkylene glycol base stocks are used in many lubricant applications including gear oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, compressor oils,  quenchants, metalworking fluids, aluminum processing fluids, chain and textile lubricants. Their high thermal and oxidative stability, excellent lubricity, high film strength / load capacity, anti-wear properties, micropitting resistance, and shear stability make them an ideal choice as base stock for formulating high-performance industrial lubricants.


The BASF range of polyalkylene glycols are marketed under the Breox®, Plurasafe® and Pluracol® brands. The range includes both linear and branched polymers of alkylene oxide. 


Water-Soluble PAGs

Co-Polymers of EO and PO are frequently used as lubricant base stock.  Polyalkylene glycols exhibit a high VI, and excellent in-use performance leading to long drain intervals and equipment protection when formulated with appropriate additives.  They exhibit high-energy efficiency when formulated into finished industrial lubricants, e.g. gear oils.

The products are soluble in cold water but separate out of aqueous solutions at high temperature (inverse solubility). This phenomenon may be utilised to deliver lubricant onto hot metal surfaces or the cutting edge of tools in water based MWF applications leading to better cooling, decreased tool wear and improved surface finish.

Base stocks with kinematic viscosities @ 40°C from 20 to 1000 cSt are available.  Applications include gear, bearing, calendar, compressor, textile lubricants, hydraulic fluids and water-based cutting fluids.

Water-Insoluble PAGs

Polypropylene oxide polymers which are water insoluble products used where a water-free environment is required. Base stocks with kinematic viscosity at 40°C from 30 to 600 cSt are available.  Application areas include gear, bearing, calendar, compressor lubricants and aluminum forming / non-aqueous metalworking fluids.

High-viscosity co-polymers of EO and PO frequently used as lubricant base stock. The products are soluble in water.

Breox® high-viscosity PAGs are linear random polymers of EO and PO while the Pluracol® high-viscosity PAGs are branched random polymers of EO and PO.

Base stocks with kinematic viscosities at 40°C from 270 to 65,000 cSt are available. The high viscosity and low volatility of these products make them suitable for high-temperature lubrication. Applications include the formulation of water-based fire resistant hydraulic fluids and quenchants. Aqueous solutions of Breox® and Pluracol® high viscosity PAGs are available for ease of handling under the Breox® series.