Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

BASF's Innovative
Energy Efficiency Booster (EEB) Technology


At a Glance


Key Features & Product Properties

Customer Benefits​

  • Energy savings due to low friction performance
  • Emission reduction due to fuel efficiency during use phase
  • Compatibility with mineral oils, PAOs, esters and naphthenic oils
  • Exceptionally high viscosity index
  • Boosting dielectric properties (i.e. e-mobility fluids)
  • Potential to upgrade Group II/III formulations to top performance

Synative® EEB 45


Typical Applications

The outstanding friction performance enable a boost in energy efficiency even at lower treat rates, both in automotive and industrial lubricants.

Last Update February 15, 2023

Our products are suited to meet current and future challenges for the various industrial applications.
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