Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

BASF's Innovative
Energy Efficiency Booster (EEB) Technology

Customer Benefits​

  • Energy and fuel savings due to low friction performance 
  • CO2 reduction due higher energy efficiency (Life Cycle Assessment) 
  • Opportunity to upgrade Group II / III formulations to PAO friction performance regimes


Unique approach using hybrid chemical structure

Although the overall lubricant market is expected to remain flat, synthetic lubricants experience strong growth due to increasing performance and sustainability requirements. CO2 reduction targets are driving the industry towards higher energy and fuel efficiency. Lubricants are recognized as potential contributors for improved energy efficiency. Therefore, lubricant components and potentially new chemistries are carefully selected to address this market need.


Polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) are known for outstanding properties like low friction coefficients, cleanliness, antiwear properties and long drain intervals. Additionally, PAGs offer high viscosity indices, typically above 200, which can provide improved fuel economy and energy efficiency as well as more robust oil films for better wear protection. However, PAGs show no or only limited compatibility with mineral oils and PAOs.

To fill the gap between compatibility and performance, BASF developed a novel base stock with unique polyether-based hybrid structure. Parts of the molecular structure contribute to outstanding frictional behavior, exceeding PAO performance, while other parts help to achieve compatibility with hydrocarbon oils. The new technology can be used in various industrial and automotive applications, including gear oils, axle fluids, compressor lubricants and greases.

Key Features

BASF_Synative EEB_Graph_01.jpg
  • Lower coefficient of friction than other oil compatible technologies 
  • Compatible with mineral oils, PAOs, esters, naphthenic oils
  • SYNATIVE® EEB 130 is LuSC listed
  • SYNATIVE® EEB 130 is suitable for use in biolubricants
  • Benefits compared to high viscosity mPAO

-  Lower friction and lower wear
-  Higher viscosity index
-  Good additive solubility 


BASF_Synative EEB_Graph_02.jpg
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