Fuel and Lubricant Solutions


When lubricants are exposed to heat, gases or mechanical stress, the molecules can break down and form radicals which react with oxygen to cause oil thickening, deposits and acid build-up. Antioxidants extend the useful life of lubricants by eliminating these radicals and preventing thermo-oxidative breakdown. Lubricants formulated without antioxidants may have to be replaced after a short time due to degradation as shown in the above picture. Our core competency in antioxidants has set the standard for lubricant oxidative stability.

IRGANOX® antioxidants help extend the life and improve the performance of industrial and engine lubricants. The manufacturing industry benefits from longer equipment life and fewer maintenance shutdowns. Automotive lubricants benefit from longer drain intervals and improved fuel economy. Our ongoing research and development efforts are aimed at helping our customers meet ever tougher performance standards and tighter specifications.

Many of our antioxidants are FDA regulated to formulate incidental food contact lubricants and greases for use in food-handling and manufacturing equipment.